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Tuesday, 9 July 2013

We're moving!

Hey, guys and gals,

I have not talked to you guys for a loooong time! I have an announcement- I am now moving to this blog- and it won't be the same as this! I will post whatever I want, whenever I want! I will be sure to include Pokèmon stuff, though!


Saturday, 9 June 2012

Long Time No Type, Spinarak, Dustox, Tyranitar, Glameow, Rattata, Skins!!! And Pokécards!

Hello, and welcome to the Awesomeness Blog!
Okay, long time no… Type! Long time no type! Sorry about that, but I had a lot of other stuff I had to get done- so, go get a snack, something to drink, a comfy chair and prepare for a long blog post!

Pokémon of the week:


Spinarak. The String Spit Pokémon. This Pokémon spins a strong web out of thin silk in order to catch prey. It uses this as almost a second nervous system, and by the tiniest touch, can detect what is touching it. It will lie in the same position for possibly days, waiting for its prey.

Past Pokémon of the Week:


Dustox. The Poison Moth Pokémon. This Pokémon flys in the mountains and valleys in a group. They swarm at cities at night to get closer to light, ripping leaves off trees and scattering poison dust when they sense danger. They search for food by using their antennae as radar.


Tyranitar. The Armor Pokémon. This Pokémon cannot be harmed by anything, so it eagerly looks for challenges, and its strength is such that it can move mountains and buries rivers. Maps are inaccurate after a Tyranitar rampages.


Glameow. The Catty Pokémon. This Pokémon purrs affectonately, as well as gracefully dancing, when it is happy. When it is angry, usually because it hasn’t been fed, it claws and glares.


Rattata. The Mouse Pokémon. This Pokémon will eat anything, so it isn’t piky about where it lives. Small and fast, where one of these hoarding Pokémon are found, there are sure to be about 40 more, due to their quick reproduction. It is extremely cautious, and its sharp fangs are constantly growing.

Minecraft Link:

Well, this week, I figured I would do something new. For those of you with the paid version (not the hacked version, like the one I have XP ) You can put these skins on in place of your normal 'Steve' skin.
So, here they are:  
Silver Character

Gold Character


Pretty cool, hey?

So, for a quick change, something about my background. I am American, as you would probably expect, but 3 years ago I moved to South Africa. So now, for the next 7 weeks, I will be visiting America. So, I might not be able to post, but I will catch up whenever I can! And as long as we are talking about me, I am maing a Pokémon card game- No, not TCG- and once I am done, I will make it on the computer, and put the files on my blog. 

In case you guys reading my blog haven't noticed, I've been using more awesome pictures! This week, I think that the Rattata picture was the best! What do you think? Post a answer in comments, if you feel like it!

Regards, and thanks for reading The Awesomeness Blog!

Saturday, 5 May 2012

No MC server, Tyrogue, Weedle and MCEdit

Hello, and welcome to the Awesomeness Blog!!!
Okay, I have another announcement: I won’t be hosting a MC server :( The Internet here is… Slow.  But I’ll still use this blog! Sorry about being absent last week- I was hiking in the mountains for 5 days in a row… It was a long weekend! Okay Apologies to the side, Server behind us and Bakugan (and all other Pokémon rip-offs) beneath us, its time for the Pokémon of the week! And the Catch-up Pokémon of the week!

Pokémon of the Week:

Tyrogue. The Scuffle Pokémon. Very small, but very energetic. Famous for its eagerness to fight, this Pokémon will keep fighting even when it loses to make itself stronger. This is a difficult Pokémon to train if you do not let it fight every day.

Catch-up Pokémon of the week:

Weedle. The Hairy Pokémon. Though the location of the hair is a mystery. It fends off attackers with a two-inch poisonous needle.  This Pokémon eats its weight in leaves every day, and has an amazing sense of smell that it uses to identify its favorite type of leaves.

Minecraft link:

Most MC people know and love this. MCEdit. The MC editor.  Used to edit your worlds, and create new ones, MCEdit is amazing- and no complicated instructions either! All  you have to do is open the app! Not like mods…
Anyways, here you are!
You MIGHT want to copy/paste that. Don’t try to type it.

Regards, and thanks for reading The Awesomeness Blog!

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Minecraft Server, Shuppet and Dusycraft Texture Pack

Hello, and welcome to The Awesomeness Blog! Today, I have an announcement: I am going to host a Minecraft server! I am about to start designing, and I am making a poll about it. I will tell you when it s up and running, and the first three people who visit will be made mods!
Okay, now the:

Pokemon of the Week:

Shuppet. The Puppet Pokemon. This Pokémon roams towns at night, searching for dark emotions such as envy. It’s upright horn senses peoples emotions, and when a person develops strong feelings of vengeance, a crowd of Shuppet are attracted to their home. It retreats to its lair at sunrise.

Minecraft link:

Another Boring Texture pack. :P Here you go:

Regards, and thanks for reading The Awesomeness Blog!

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Pokemon List, Corphish and Adventure Island

Hello, and welcome to the Awesomeness Blog!
First off is the Pokémon of the week. But before we start that, I want everyone to know that I am making a list of future Pokémon of the week on the Awesomeness Site. If you want to offer a suggestion as to what I should use as a future Pokémon of the week, in the comments type the Pokémon’s name, the date it should be used and the name you want to be credited by, and if I want to use it, I will use it in the future. And if you want it as a Birthday Event Pokemon, tell me and you'll be wished a Happy B-day! All suggestions will be posted on the Awesomeness Site, so take a look at that and Past Pokémon of the week before you post your idea. Okay, now:

Pokémon of the Week:

Corphish. The Ruffian Pokemon. Originally a Pokémon that was brought from a distant land, this hardy Pokémon doesn’t stop fighting it’s prey until its prey is defeated. Lives in rivers and streams, even the most dirty and polluted ones. They compensate for their small size with their amazing strength.

Minecraft Link:

Getting desperate for more Minecraft links… cause that’s the only reason you read my blog, right? I’ll have to start checking out more maps and texture packs… make a list of sites WHERE YOU CAN’T SEE IT! But, here is one map that I dug back out:


Regards, and thanks for reading The Awesomeness Blog!


Friday, 6 April 2012

Celebi, Virizion, Simplecraft Texture Pack and the Awesomeness site

Hello, and welcome to The Awesomeness Blog!

First off, sorry for not posting last week. I was stranded in a no-internet zone for a WHOLE THREE DAYS!!!
Alright, apologies aside, it is time for Pokémon of the week! Note: Due to my absence last week, I will do Two Pokémon, the ones that came out top in the polls. For the final poll results, go to the Awesomeness Site (link at the bottom of the page).

Pokémon of the Week:

Celebi. The Time Travel Pokémon. This green little fairy is said to live deep in the Ilex Forest.  One of the cutest Pokémon ever. Preferred by many of you, including Serebii Joe. When traveling through time, it chooses to appear in only peaceful times.

Virizion. The Grassland Pokémon. One of the legendary trio of Musketeer Pokémon, and the strongest of them all. It sprouts horns from its head that are as sharp as blades, using them when battling for its Pokémon friends against humans. When battling, Virizion uses whirlwind-like patterns to confuse then cut down its opponents.

Minecraft Link:

This week’s link is a texture pack. Not the best, but it’s something. Here ya go:

Please would you go to the Awesomeness Site using the link at the bottom of the page? There is a record of past Pokémon of the week, all the Minecraft links that I have posted, some Pics (Not necessarily the best, just some), and a few pretty cool website links.

Regards, and thanks for reading The Awesomeness Blog!


Friday, 23 March 2012

Eevee, Spritecraft, surveys, and a logo.

Hello, and welcome to the Awesomeness Blog!

Okay, first the Pokémon of the week:

Pokémon of the Week:

Eevee. The “Eeveelution” Pokémon. Evolves into seven different Pokémon: Vaporeon, Flareon, Jolteon, Umbreon, Espeon, Leafeon and Glaceon. Each Pokémon is a different type, with mildly strong attacks based on that type. One of the cutest Pokémon ever!!!

Minecraft Link:

This website is pretty cool. You know Pixel Art on Minecraft? How you make a picture of something? Well, this website can convert any one of your pictures to a 30 or 60 block high Pixel Art Blueprint! But, just a warning: If you have a picture that uses shading, the blueprint may come out quite, well, ugly. So, here is the website:


Only one week left until the 2 surveys end.
The results:
Survey 1:
Manaphy: 0
Mew: 0
Jirachi: 0
Celebi: 2

Survey 2:
Coballion: 0
Terrakion: 0
Virizion: 1
Keldeo: 0

BTW, if you are on Pokémon Tower Defense, please trade with me or give me your username. IN THE COMMENTS SECTION! My username on PTD is obviously Shymain.

One last word. I officially have a logo now! Here it is:

Note: Still under progress, but it’s okay for now! And I am putting it in the corner of my blog signature!

Regards, and thanks for reading The Awesomeness Blog!